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Related post: Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 02:09:41 -0700 From: Unnecessary Eroticism Subject: orientation fuckboyI spent my last two summers at college working as an orientation counselor for incoming erotic stories preteens freshman, transfer students, and catering to their parents (you know ... making them feel that their children were not going to drink, smoke, have sex, and chinese preteens pedo that their kids would go to every single class every single day. Basically, I lied to their face.)One of the best things I liked about the job was the chance to check out the incoming freshmen russian preteenporn prospects. Shaggy-haired, slim-waisted, polo-shirt-and-cargo-short wearing guys running around preteen europe thong wide-eyed and bewildered at the new surroundings awaiting them: dorms and cafeterias and the quad and such. Every summer there were at zeps preteen board least half a dozen that would preteens shock photos fill my masturbatory fantasies for the next six months.So basically I was the cool junior or senior who tossed the Frisbee, gave tours to, taught how to build a class schedule, and answered the "tough illegal preteens defloration questions" about drug and alcohol use on preteen pink pics campus. By the time I was an upperclassman, I was pretty well-known on campus, and this job definitely helped my reputation.One preteen kids lesbian of the rules our bosses told us was to never, under any circumstances, become physical with a student you're hosting around campus. For the most part it was an easy rule to follow. There were four or five guys that I would have easily risked my job for, but they talked incessantly about their girlfriends (read: hetero. Damn.) so making a move wasn't in the cards.All that changed when I met Mark.Mark nice preteen sex was beautiful: 18, smooth, white skin, short hair, baggy shorts, backwards hat ... pretty much the stereotypical frat boy. He was from a neighboring town, so there wasn't much for him to travel to campus. We hit it off immediately, talking about music of the time (Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins) and favorite preteen movie model television shows ("Family Guy" and "South pre teen penis Park") lsmag preteen art and girls (I was -- and still am -- pretty skilled at piquing straight guys' interests by checking out girls with them). In fact, he laika preteen russian hit it off cms preteen models quite nicely with another girl in my nn pics preteen group.By the end of the preteen tween nudes second day, I had learned a lot about him, his family, and his preteen younger sex love life. preteen fuck dog We were becoming pretty decent buds by that point (well, as decent of buds as you can be after knowing each other for 36 hours). Also, he admitted to me away from the group that, while he had smoked pot asian preteen incest from time preteen child gallery to time, he had never drank alcohol (apparently one of his parents was an alcohol of some sort. But let's not dampen the mood here).That night preteen photos bbs I heard some stumbling in the dorm hallway where we were all staying. Surprise, surprise, it was Mark drunk off his ass."Heyyyyy Joshhhhh," he slurred at me. "I snnnnuckk into a frat party tonight.""Mark, shut sweet preteen pics your ass up and get in here," I whispered sharply, pointing to my room. "You'll get us both in trouble if you get caught drinking out here."He stared at me through half-vacant eyes, twisted his lips into a smile, and staggered through my door."You moron," I said with a smile. "I thought you didn't drink.""Buuuut ... you don't undersssstand," he muttered. "There were girlsssss therrrrre. Hhhhhot girrrrls.""Yeah, we board preteen japan call them 'sorostitutes.'""And they wannnted ssssexxxxx."I laughed at him. "No they didn't, Mark. They just wanted to make fun of the new kid."And I might have taken it a step too preteen pics tgp far at this point, as Mark free preteen cumshot looked genuinely hurt. "You thhhhhink?"Quickly I realized my mistake and changed my course of action. "No, dude, I'm just messin' with ya. You're a pretty good looking guy. I'm surprised you even got into preteen girls taboo a frat party. Normally they only let any non-frat bros in 'cause you'd just take up all the pussy."(I shuddered internally upon saying "pussy." Don't most gay boys?)A broad smile spread across his face. I could smell the tequila on him from across the room."Yeah, and I could have got lotsss of pusssssy too.""Damn skippy, brah. Hot pussy preteen pics nonude with big ol' titties."(I shuddered again.)"Fuck yeah," he said, then preteen ukraine girl slumped back into the bed he was sitting on. He thought a moment, then looked pointedly at me rollyo preteen rape and said a little too clearly, "When was the last time you got laid?""About two weeks ago. I was at a party and was drinking. We made eye contact across the room and flirted for about 15 minutes before I went over and introduced myself. We ended up fucking in the bathroom down the hall. It was so hot hearing the muffled sounds of our sweaty, sloppy sex set against a backdrop of music blaring outside the door."(I was careful not to use any pronouns. I didn't want to tip my hand too soon.)Mark started lolkitas preteen to get a little stiff in the front of his shorts. That's when my plan went into action."Here," I said, pulling pre teens nud out my laptop. "Take a look at this."I double clicked a straight porno I had downloaded off our dorm's shared ukrainian preteen nudity server for these occasions: hot college guys fucking drunk college girls who didn't know they were preteens girl pic being videotaped. It was a pretty hot video, even if you did have a girl in there."Check out her dutch preteens gallery tits," I said, pointing to the screen. Mark stared and didn't say anything. destroyed preteen daughters His hand started to absent mindedly rub the front of his preteens bbs models pants. I did the same, subtly at first, but allowing my movements new preteen mode to become more and more pronounced."And her pussy. God that must be all tight and warm.""We should turn that off," Mark said. "I'm getting a little too horny.""So?" I replied. "This is college. We're all horny desire preteen models here all the time.""Yeah, but I kinda want to jack off now.""... And? When you live with a bunch of guys around you all the time, you'll see that guys jack off together cool preteen all the time. preteen modle thong It's no big deal."Mark drunkenly thought this over. I could see the cogs slowly churning inside his head, and saw my opportunity to speed things up. "It's not gay," I lied to him.His self-groping became more intense. "Ok," he said. "But turn the lights off."I gladly complied. As I sat back down I unzipped my fly to haul out my 7-inch cut dick. Mark stared at it openly."Never seen one hard before?" I ask."Just my own. And porno dicks.""Well, what do you erotica amateur preteen got under there?"He pulled his cargo shorts down to his ankles and pulled his dick through the fly of his boxers. 'Holy shit,' I thought as his beauty preteens tip 8.5 inches sprang forth. It was all real preteen girls I could do right there to not bend over and deep throat the little fucker."Not bad," I said nonchalantly, trying desperately to hide my lust. I concentrated back on my own cock, taking glances from time to time as his impressive tool.After about ten minutes of stroking, Mark turned to me and said, "Man, a blow job would feel amazing right now.""Oh yeah?""Fuck yeah. Some girl tonguing my nuts and caressing my shaft. I could really go for one right now.""Yeah that does sound nice."I paused, waiting for him to make the next obvious move."Do you ... I mean ... I'll do you if you do me?""HELLS YEAH!' I thought to myself. "Ok, but you do me first. I don't want you chickening out after preteen girl topless you cum."This 18-year-old freshman god got to his knees on the cold linoleum and cautiously wrapped his hand around martina preteen model my cock. He examined it, came in close, and finally tentatively reached his tongue out licked my head. Slowly and surely he worked his throat down over it, gagging slightly, but overall giving decent head."Watch the teeth," I had to tell him from time to time, as this was obviously his first time sucking dick (and, let's preteen preeten innocent face underage hot preteen it, the first time is never pretty, despite what other Nifty stories might tell you).I wanted to reach down and grab his little ringlet hair and push and pull my cock in and out of his face. I wanted to pull my raging boner our and smack it across his rosy-red, blemish-free cheeks. I wanted to lay him down preteen asian pussy on the bed, straddle his chest and face fuck the little freshman until preteen tgp bbs he got to his upper-divisionals.But I didn't want to scare the little fucker off. So I illegal preteen top kept up the requisite "Yeahs" and "oooh babys" and whatever else you say when you're trying to encourage someone who's sucking you off. And preteen porno panties after about 15 minutes, I pulled out and told him it was his turn.Mark, on preteen models guestbook the other naked assian preteen hand, wasn't as gentle preteen anal pics as I was. And I loved it. He was rough, partly because of the booze, partly because of his inexperience, and partly because, well, I think he just likes it rough. He grabbed my hair and pulled my face up and down his dick. I had to wrap one hand around the base of his cock so he wouldn't choke me repeatedly on the downstrokes."Fuck yeah, bitch. You like that cock?" he muttered. I glanced up and his eyes were glued to the porno; it was pretty obvious he was imaging some sorority girl on her knees in 18 gay preteen front of him. Frankly, I didn't care. When a hot boy is all into you sucking him off, I take it as a high compliment.After a few minutes, Mark looked down at me. I think it hit him that there was a dude down there -- beyond that, a dude he looked up to and respected. He slowed down and apologized, saying the porno was too hot and he just got way into it."No worries, dude," I said. "It's a hot porno. I watch it all the time."After that, we went back europes preteens sex to awkwardly resuming our mutual j/o session. Eventually he asked me preteen zoo sex if I'd ever done anything else with a guy at college."Sure," I said. "Sometimes this, I've given head ... I've even fucked a football player a few times.""Which one?" he asked, shocked and curious as to which Division 1 footballer I'd plugged."He made me promise not to tell. And he'd kick my ass if I did.""So ... you fucked him?""Yeah. It was pretty intense. He loves the feeling of cock inside him.""Have you ever been fucked?""Yeah.""How preteens in webcam does it feel?""It's different. It's pretty painful at first, but after a while it's just ... intense. preteen nude pic I can't really describe it."We jacked off for a bit more, sitting next to each other. He adjusted his leg so it was atop my own. preteen gangbang I put my arm around his shoulders. Breathing heavy, we hands worked in alternating rhythms to bring us closer to orgasm."Do ... you ... want to fuck me?" he bikini preteen feet asked.I preteen blog gallery laughed off my eagerness. "Sure, if you want. I'm pretty fucking horny right now.""So, like, preteen games online what do I do?""Just bend over on your knees. I'll tell you what to do next."So this gorgeous freshman gets on his hands and knees against the preteen toples bbs preteen pics 4chan cold hard floor, sticking his ass out like a common erotic art preteen piece of gutter trash. His hole was smooth, hairless, and just right for plucking."Here," I said. "Suck my cock for a sec."He did, giving it most of preteen girls pissing the toons preteens free lubrication I would need. I had to spit in my chubby preteen pictures palm a little to finish the job up, but even then I was afraid I didn't have enough."You ready?" He shook his head yes. I could see in the closet mirror that he was gritting his teeth and scrunching his face together, preparing for impact."Ok," I said. With one hand on his child preteen links right shoulder and the other hand guiding my dick towards his hole, I slowly slipped into him. I got about halfway in and asked how he was doing. He gave me a very breathy and whiny "I'm OK ... keep going." So I did.When I was balls deep into him, I checked in again. He was whimpering pretty preteen russian modwels loudly, but was a trooper. "I'll go slow," I said, to which pictures nude preteen he replied with a herky-jerky nod.I moved my hand to his hips and started pulling him back into me as I pushed into him. The warm, tight sensation of his virgin ass was heightened top preteen porn all the more with the sound his dogged, heavy breathing filling the room, with girly squeals and moans punctuating the soundtrack."Are you ready? I'm gonna go a little faster." He nodded, gritted his teeth, and beared down. I moved my hot pussy preteens hand from his shoulder to his other hip and preteens russian being to fuck him in earnest.Oh my God the noises that boy made. It's a wonder we didn't wake up the entire floor with all the moaning and panting, grunting and groaning, cooing and expletives that were flying around the room.I too found myself getting into it. "You like taking this senior's cock up your ass, kid?" I asked him. "Yesssss sirrrrrr," he responded.THWACK! I smacked him on his left cheek."Don't call my sir. Say my name.""Yesss ... Josssssh."And that sent me into another realm. This freshman was getting fucked, and he damn well knew exactly who was fucking preteen sex cz him. And he was loving it. I pushed my weight onto him, making his elbows give beneath him. I pinned down his 155-pound frame and humped my raw, hard cock into his slowly expanding ass.I grabbed him by the back of his hair and pulled his head back. "You like that? Does that feel good?"Through his pants and moans he managed to muster out a breathy and extended "Yesss .... Jossssh. Fuckkkk yeah."That's when I really set preteens nude nice to town, rabbit fucking this freshman for all he was worth. I hadn't realized it, but we were slowly moving our way across little preteenguestbookforumlinks the floor (my God what burns that linoleum must have given his knees). With each plunge preteen girl xxx I made into his body, he scooted a little further towards the spare bed. Before you knew it, the top part of his body was under the bed, leaving his lower back, spread eagle legs and tight rosebud exposed. All of the sudden, unable to see his face or head, the freshman became an anonymous fuckhole. Up until this point I was being caring and cautious, knowing this was his first time. But when you remove the sense of companionship or identity? All bets are off, man.I pulled his ass models preteen pantyhose up, backed him up on his knees a little, the railed him. Hard. Full shaft. Repeatedly. I heard some indistinct yelps and whimpers beneath the bedframe, but they weren't enough to pull me out of my lust-induced stupor. I was wailing on his poor little ass. After six or seven strokes I started to slow down. His hands come out from under the bed and awkwardly grasped at my torso. I figured this was his way of telling me to stop, angle preteens yo that he's had enough, so I started to decrease my models elite preteen tempo.But no. He grabbed my ass preteen little child and thrust me back into him. The knowledge that a little virgin freshman was craving my cock to no end sent me over the edge. I blasted what seemed like quarts of jizz into him, moaning and cursing the whole time. Afterwards I pulled out and slowly removed him from under the bed. As he flipped over, I saw his belly was also smeared with cum hot preteen info ... apparently I wasn't the only one who found the preteen fucking kinder whole preteen girl ass situation intense."Are you all right?" I asked him, out of breath and trying to not get caught up in the afterglow."That hurt like hell," he said. "But you were right ... it was so fucking intense. Wow."I smiled at him. "So you enjoyed it?""Hell yeah. Just, like, don't be so rough next time.""Next time?" I asked, arching my eyebrow.We usenet pre teens ended up exchanging veronika preteen video e-mails and keeping in touch for the rest of the summer. When he came back to campus in the fall, we fucked pretty regularly for the first couple months. I thought about dating him, but was going to let him bring it up if he was interested. He not preteen never did, which I expected: freshmen have too much to experience their first year at college, and a relationship with senior usually doesn't work out well.After winter break, he came over to my apartment and asked if I'd preteen sucking gallery be his boyfriend. I said yes, and we had the most intense sex asian preteen archives I've ever had (and, yes, he fucked me just as hard as I did him that first night. I'm not normally a bottom, but there were days were I was craving his 8.5-inch fuckstick.)Four months later we called it off: I was graduating and moving and he, well, it turns out he was just too immature preteen girl magazines preteen models nn to hold a relationship beyond that of fuck-buddy (don't get me wrong ... I wasn't complaining at all).Last I heard Mark was finishing up his senior year and planning on going to grad school for higher education after that. I moved to the city and got a corporate 9-to-5 job, and became pretty prominent in the local gay art naturalist preteen scene. During many of the inevitable drunken hook-ups over the years, I found myself relieving michelle preteen model the first time peeing on preteen I fucked Mark to "get the juices preteen lil panties flowing," as it were (we've all had sex when drunk ... finger sex preteen it's not always easy, if you know what I mean). Every time I think of that little 18-year-old's cargo shorts around his ankles, bent over in front of me, moaning like a little girl -- well -- I never cum free preteen naked as hard or as loudly as when I run that little scenario in my head.All I have to do is make sure I don't yell out "Mark" during.
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